Encouraging Passion, Confidence and Talent

Monday 5th September- Saturday 10th December 2022
(No sessions half term 24th-29th Oct)


Pre-school Dance and Tap

Saturday 9.00-10.00am

Children will be taken on a magical journey learning the basic foundation skills of dance and tap to develop balance, co-ordination and musicality. This is a fun and creative class where we use lots of props to develop their skills and imagination.


Dance Combination Class

(Ballet, Acro, Modern Dance)

Monday 4.30-5.30pm Age 4-7yrs

Monday 7.00-8.00pm Age 7-9yr

Our combination classes are great for young children who love the variety and challenge of different dance genres. Ballet is excellent for posture and creativity. Acro is great to develop their strength, flexibility and skills. Modern dance is great for their balance and expressiveness.


Friday Junior Dance

Ages 5-9yrs

Join this group to learn fun, upbeat movements to well-known popular songs. Children will love to show off their new moves to family and friends. Performance opportunities.


Junior Ballet

Age 5-9yrs

Learn the posture and technique of Ballet through this creative class. Beginners welcome.


Dance and Tap Classes

Junior Dance and Tap Age 5-7yrs

Spotlight Dance and Tap Age 8-9yrs

Senior Dance and Tap Age 10-14yrs

Children will develop strength, posture, co-ordination, flexibility and musicality skills in these fun, creative classes. They will have the opportunity to take BTDA exams or International Dance Awards and perform in our annual show at The Floral Pavilion.


Acro Age 4-18yrs

Acro is a really popular class which complements all styles of dance. Beginners will develop core strength, flexibility, balance and control. Children love developing their crab, cartwheels, forward backward rolls and handstands. We follow the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus.


General Dance Fitness Class

Age 8-14yrs

This 30 minute class will develop your child’s strength and stamina through a series of exercises and fun dance routines.


Act 1 Performers Age 4-7yrs

(Dance, Drama, Singing)

Your child will learn key dance, drama and singing skills. The children will learn new songs, try new dance moves, practice how to role play and improvise. They will work towards a performance for family and friends.


Act 2 Performers Age 8-16yrs

(Dance, Drama, Singing)

Your child will learn singing techniques, dance skills/routines and drama character role play and improvisation. The children will gain knowledge of other performing art roles, such as set design, prop making and script writing. They will work towards a performance.


Create Academy

(Dance, Drama, Singing)

Age 6-16yrs


The children will learn key dance, drama and singing skills through creative tasks, games, improvisation and dance exercises. The session will be divided into 40 minutes sessions of each subject. They will learn musical theatre extracts to perform to family and friends developing confidence, teamwork and performance skills


Adult Disco Fitness Dance Class

Thursday 8.15-9.15pm

This is a fun and enjoyable dance fitness class which is sure to get your heart pumping. Burn off calories whilst having fun. You will learn a range of disco steps, slides and moves with like minded people. All levels welcome just bring a smile.


Adult-Over 50’s Ballet class

Monday 10.00-11.00am

Ballet isn’t just for kids. No matter how old you are join this ballet class. Ballet is expressive, great for flexibility, posture and co-ordination. Taught in a relaxed atmosphere but fully focused too beautiful music. This class will doubt make you feel graceful, challenged and improve your overall well being.

Adult fitness 2022.png

Over 50’s General

Dance Fitness class

Thursday 11.00-12noon

Friday 10.00-11.00am

General dance class which will start with an aerobic warm-up followed by a variety of different dance routines in a range of styles. The aim of the classes is to improve circulation, flexibility, coordination and balance through a stimulating dance class. Beginners welcome.



10.00-11.00 Adult ballet

4.30-5.30pm Dance combination class (Acro and Dance) Age 4-7yrs


11.00-12.00 Over 50's Dance Hoylake Community Centre

8.15-9.15pm Adult Disco Fit


10.00-11.00 Over 50's dance fitness class

5.00-6.00pm Junior Dance Age 5-8yrs

6.00-6.45pm Junior Ballet Age 5-8yrs

6.45-8.45pm Act 2 Performers (Dance, Singing, Drama)


4.30-5.30pm Act 1 Performers (Dance, Singing, Drama) 4-7yrs

5.30-6.15pm Acro dance Age 4-7yrs

6.15-7.15pm Spotlight Dance

7.15-8.15pm Spotlight/Senior Ballet


9.00-10.00am Pre-School Dance and Tap

10.00-11.00am Junior Dance and Tap

11.00-11.45 Junior, Spotlight, Intermediate Musical Theatre

11.45-12.45pm Junior & Spotlight Acro

12.45-1.45 Intermediate and Senior Acro

1.45-2.45pm Intermediate Dance and Tap

3.00-5.00pm Create Academy (Dance, Singing, Drama) Age 7-14yrs


The children are welcome to sit and eat their lunch in between lessons.

Venue: Moreton Community Centre, Maryland Lane, Moreton.


Autumn Term

Monday 5th September- Saturday 10th December (No sessions half term 24th-29th October)

Saturday 17th September 5.30-6.30 Meeting about Disney

Saturday 8th October Bingo Fundraiser

Sunday 23rd October Musical Theatre trip to London

Saturday 12th November Open mic/choreography fundraiser with tea and cake

Sunday 27th November BTDA Exam Presentation and Acro in house competition

Monday 28th November -Saturday 3rd December Class sharing

Saturday 10th December 5.30-7.00pm Christmas Party

Wednesday 21st December 10.00-4.00 Christmas workshop

Spring Term

Friday 6th January- Saturday 1st April (No sessions during half term 20th-24th Feb)

Sunday 29th January Wizard of Oz performance

Monday 3rd-5th April Wallasey Dance Festival